Casey Smith

Lead Instructor
Brief info

I promised myself once I finished night classes, I would take some form of self-defense or martial arts classes. After a referral from a close friend, I decided Krav Maga was the best fit for me. That same friend referred me to Xtreme Krav Maga, saying it was the best school around so I tried it out! I was hooked instantly; I started going to the 5:30am classes, almost 5 days a week and just couldn’t get enough. I didn’t want to miss a class. On top of that, within three months I dropped almost thirty pounds and had developed the best aerobic and anaerobic cardio I’ve ever had!

After a little over a year, I enrolled my 6 year old son in classes and now we’ve made it a family deal. I love the opportunity to spread the skills I’ve learned to others and further advance/refine my own skills!!

  • Integrative Defense Strategies APEX Level 3 Instructor
  • Krav Maga Worldwide Phase B Instructor
  • Civilian Tactical Casualty Care Certified