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“I’ve been training with Steve and his guys for a year now and can honestly say they are the best in the business.  They are the ultimate professionals and have a great way to tailoring their instruction toward a diverse clientele that ranges from soccer moms to law enforcement and military professionals.  Steve is a certified Krav Maga law enforcement instructor which is very rare and allows him to teach techniques that directly apply to our mission.”

-Brad  – U.S. Secret Service

“Xtreme Tactical Defense changed my life.  A few years ago I started looking into what type of self defense was considered the best for women and came across Krav Maga.

When I searched for a training facility in my area I found Xtreme Tactical Defense in Fenton.  When I looked on the website I noticed that they had a Women’s Self Defense Seminar scheduled. I signed up right away.  I was completely hooked!  But I knew that I would never be able to learn properly if I didn’t start to focus on my health and my fitness level.  It has been a long road with some detours.

I tell everyone about Xtreme Tactical Defense and I encourage anyone who thinks they can’t do it, to keep fighting.”
– Rebecca

“I started in June because I needed a fun and competitive train since traditional methods couldn’t keep my attention.

I had heard great things about Xtreme Tactical Defense  so I went in to try it and loved it. I’m down 35 pounds in about 6 weeks and my endurance is up.
– Greg


“After hearing about Xtreme Tactical Defense from some friends and doing some research on Krav Maga, I decided to come down and take the free class.

From the first time I walked in the door, everyone was kind and informative, as well as interested in helping obtain my personal goals of better overall fitness and a career in law enforcement. After taking the class, I was completely blown away at the levels of intensity and knowledge acquired in just one class.  I instantly became hooked.
One of the biggest points that has helped me along during my journey are the instructors. Every instructor has been very patient and willing to answer any questions I have. Every class presents a learning experience, even if you have already gone through a similar class.
After recently passing the milestone “Level 1 Test”, I cannot be happier with my progress. I am gaining vast amounts of information from the training, getting stronger and losing weight in the process. The most important lesson that I have learned is to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to go further and to never give up or quit. Xtreme Krav Maga has made me realize that it truly is mind over matter.”
-Dan Wunderlich


“My Dad told me that there was a self defense system from Israel that I should look into.  I became very interested in learning more after doing some internet research.  Once I decided it was something I wanted to pursue, Xtreme Tactical Defense St. Louis was my next stop.

I started at XTD with 3 goals- to lose weight, to learn to protect myself and to keep my brother at bay.  After just a few months I am making progress towards all of these goals.
At XTD I like that we can get hands on experience!”


“Two years ago, I saw an episode of Fight Science on the National Geographic channel about Krav Maga. I have an injured back, I have never studied martial arts before and I have always thought of myself as mainly a weapons type of guy.  At the time I thought Krav Maga looked really bad ass but I didn’t think it would work for me.  I was mostly interested in it for my daughter.

I found Xtreme Tactical Defense online and my daughter started attending classes. After a few months of watching, I decided to try a class for myself.  We did gun defenses and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Now I take conditioning classes, beginner/intermediate/advanced Krav Maga and MMA classes.  My back has never felt better.  If I don’t make a class I feel like I’m missing out on something cool ”
-Nick Clubb


“I signed up for the free class and found it to be one of the most physically challenging and informative classes I had ever attended.  I was hooked immediately, drawn to the no non-sense style of self defense and physical conditioning.  I am in the best physical condition I have ever been in my life thanks to the excellent instructors and their efforts to help us achieve our optimum levels.”

-Kent Butzin



“In the short time I have been training my cardio has gone through the roof, I’ve lost 25 pounds overall and am still losing.  Back pain that has bothered me for years is gone. I’ve trained with some great people and made some amazing friends. Being at XKM is my favorite part of the day.”

-Kevin McCracken


“Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful self defense seminar that you held. I am so stoked about joining! I am thrilled that I have some knowledge to take with me when I am in some of the not so nice scenarios that I encountered when traveling last year. Thank you for sharing that knowledge with me and know for sure you have an excited newbie!”

-Kim Pumphrey-Dunman

“The instructors at Xtreme Tactical Defense truly care about their students and have established a safe learning environment that feels like a second home to me. The camaraderie seen between the students attests to the great environment the instructors have developed.  The systems taught have given me so many more tools to use in the event of an altercation, allowing me to walk more confidently. The instructors prepare students for the real world by motivating and pushing us to excel when dealing with tough situations. In summary, Xtreme Tactical Defense has created a unique, safe and fun training environment that everyone can be a part of.”

-Charles W. Gandy

“Xtreme Tactical Defense has helped me to build my strength, stamina, energy, and self confidence.  All things I don’t think I could have done on my own.  Steve and Nick are knowledgeable and thorough instructors that push you to your full potential.  I really enjoy the light and friendly atmosphere of the classes as well as the cleanliness of the facility.”

-Tom Flowers